Albstadt - Mayer & Cie China (MCN) has launched a new knitting machine for manufacturing three-thread fleece, the first in-house development by the German circular knitting machine manufacturer’s Chinese subsidiary.

The MFC 3.2, which was unveiled at the recent Shanghaitex trade fair, produces light to heavy linings and is specially geared to processing polyester yarn with applications in sports- and leisurewear. The MFC 3.2 will be available from spring 2020.

"Three-thread fleece linings are popular all over the world,” says Marcus Mayer, Mayer & Cie.’s technical director. “Albeit with important regional differences. In Europe and America customers appreciate heavier, warm cotton fabrics, whereas in Asia light, fluffy fabrics made of mixed synthetic fibres are preferred. That is why the MFC 3.2 is a major addition to our Chinese portfolio."

The new Chinese three-thread fleece machine is based on the established Mayer & Cie MBF 3.2, the qualities of which deliver the goods in the MFC 3.2. They include the high quality of material on both sides of the fabric and the production of challenging weaves. At the same time, the Chinese Mayer & Cie team attached importance to catering for local requirements, first and foremost processing polyester yarns. Thanks to cam parts developed in-house the new machine performs these tasks reliably and efficiently. At up to 30 rpm on a 30-inch diameter cylinder the MFC 3.2 produces three-thread fleece for sports and leisurewear.

According to MCN, the MFC 3.2 is more than a three-thread fleece machine. A conversion kit transforms it into the MSC 3.2 II, the most popular machine in Mayer & Cie. China’s portfolio. The conversion works in both directions, which further upgrades the single jersey machine because “in the highly saturated Chinese single jersey market the fact that the MSC 3.2 II can be converted into a three-thread fleece machine is an important selling point,” Managing Director Mayer notes.


Visitor numbers were down by a third on two years ago, the Shanghaitex organisers reported, but Mayer & Cie China says it was still able to achieve its targets for the trade fair. “What we wanted,” Marcus Mayer said, “was to enlist field test partners for the MFC 3.2 and gain an initial customer response. The visitor influx that the machine ended up by delivering was larger than expected.”

Some customers may already have expressed interest in buying the new machine but the investment climate in China and throughout Asia continues to be subdued due to trading difficulties between China and the United States, to local trouble spots and to the tense state of the global economy, the company says.

Still, some visitors sounded a positive note at Shanghaitex. “Many of the people we talked to expect the market situation to improve from spring 2020,” says Marcus Mayer. “Whether it will do remains to be seen, but we are well positioned in any event.”

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