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Brescia - Italy's Sandonini is continuing to develop new and innovative product ranges on its range of seamless and hosiery machines. The latest development is the single piece Mask & Scarf, which has been designed to help prevent and protect the wearer from the spread of coronavirus.

Made in a seamless fabric and ready to wear straight from the machine, the Mask & Scarf is knitted on one of the latest seamless circular knitting machines refurbished and updated by Sandonini Company.

So far, the Mask & Scarf can be knitted on a number of different diameter machines including 11, 12 and 13 ins and in gauges ranging from 16G to 28G

With eight feeds the machines can run at speeds of 90 and 120rpm with the production of each item taking just two minutes.

A wide range of fibres and yarns can be used to produce masks for men, women and children.

Elsewhere, Sandonini says it has seen an increase in requests for machines to produce fabric masks using antibacterial yarns.

The company is now producing its refurbished, updated machines to produce new masks which can be produced on the company's machine in a single piece.

The single cylinder, four feed machines, which are available with full electronic controls, have a 4 ins diameter with between 200 and 400 needles.

According to Sandonini, the production time for each mask which can be in any size or style, is just 45 seconds.

"Sandonini wants to help fight the virus by making its textile technology available for the prevention and protection against of Covid-19," Fiorenzo Sandonini said, explaining that the masks are soft for more sensitive and delicate skin and have an elasticized band for an improved fit.

Possible features for the mask include plain fabric, run proof, micromesh, net, reinforced band, reinforced & floated patterns. The masks also contain a tubular pocket where you can insert a filter or additional fabric for better prevention.

The technology includes a sinker cap with stepping motor, a motorized dial arm with vertical movement through stepping motor for unlimited height positions, programmable and variable stitch cams and a system on the yarn fingers for plating control.

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