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Sustainability, comfort, adaptability and texture top key textile trends all suited to company’s range of 100% recycled regen performance fibres

As 2021 comes to a close, many of us look forward to a fresh new year and all of the innovative trends it will bring – and for some, that focus is on apparel.

To better assist brands and retailers with their design and product development needs, Hyosung, a major textile solutions provider, established its Fashion Design Center (FDC) – an interactive fashion studio that spans the U.S., Europe and Asia surveying cutting-edge brands & retailers, and researching consumer insights.

Hyosung FDC has released its new Autumn/Winter ‘22/’23 textile trends, which gives us a sneak preview of what major intimate and swimwear brands will be incorporating into their collections in the latter part of 2022.

Mega-Trend 1

Big City Wanderers - Refined basics for all seasons and categories will offer versatility and adaptability. It’s all about making things smarter, rather than making more. Sub-trends include:

  • Trans seasonal Basic: Due to ongoing lifestyle shifts, a need for trans seasonal basics has increased, leading basic wear to evolve into more sophisticated iterations.
  • Daily Texture: Classic textures such as rib, waffle, or crepe jersey gain importance in the casual wear market. Knitted with functional yarns, these familiar textures evolve into must-have essential pieces offering versatility.
  • Versatile City: Consumers expect purchases to have practical function for multiple uses. Everyday clothing made with functional fabrics that adapt to changing environment will provide reassurance.

Mega-Trend 2

Maximal Techniques - With high functional fabric developments and need of basic better items fast tracked due to the global pandemic, demand for high-performing essentials is growing. Sub-trends include:

  • Thermoregulation: As activities shift between different environments and needs, consumers seek core items that adapt to changing temperatures. Cooling and warming techniques will play a key role.
  • Move Booster: Consumers will increasingly expect fabric innovations and comfort stretch as a given, not only for performance wear, but also in core items as well. Update core pieces by emphasizing comfort and support.
  • Tough Layers: As more consumers resume their outdoor activity, apparel needs to work harder to withstand all the elements. Lighter, more durable and protective layers will become essential for outdoor apparel.

Mega-Trend 3

Sensual Moments: Invite physical and emotional comfort - and offer enhanced soft touch to sooth anxious consumers. Sub-trends include:

  • Relief Softness: Consumers who are increasingly craving comfort and wanting to feel secure, have increased their need for soft, comfortable fabrics.
  • Cozy Plush: Pile fabric, a must item for winter, will be upgraded with soft-touch and eco-friendly fabrics.
  • Decorative Textile: Decorative textile with soft touch approaches consumers emotionally.

 “It is clear that sustainability, versatility, and performance along with interesting textures for a tactile experience, are key textile drivers for next autumn/winter,” said Lewis Hong, Team Manager Hyosung Fashion Design Center. “We are fortunate to have a broad range of options across our elastane, nylon and polyester portfolio available to meet these forecasted textile trends.”

Hyosung’s range of GRS-certified, 100% recycled creora® regen spandex, Mipan® regen nylon and regen polyester are unique in that they also incorporate performance properties that help brands retailers tell a distinctive story. For instance, Hyosung’s creora® regen fresh delivers a sustainable freshness with anti-odour benefit. It’s Mipan® regen aqua-X nylon and regen Askin polyester offers a cooling performance. Hyosung’s chlorine resistant properties of creora® highclo™ can protect swimwear fabrics and extend their life – making them more durable in a harsh swimming pool environment. 

“As a textile solutions provider, we are grateful to work and collaborate with the entire value chain to help our partners keep innovating and delivering products their consumers want,” said Hong.  

About Hyosung

Hyosung is a comprehensive fibre manufacturer that produces world-class products, providing innovation and solutions to the textile industry. Hyosung’s creora® elastane is the world’s largest elastane brand, supplying the broadest range of stretch fibre offerings supported by exceptional technology and quality. Mipan® nylon and specialty polyester provide functional and sustainable fibre solutions that are essential to today’s dynamic textile market. Visit our blog at blog.hyosungtnc.com for all the latest trend, event and product updates. Hyosung can also be found on Instagram @hyosung_textiles and on LinkedIn at Hyosung Performance Textiles.


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