Castel Goffredo - Italian sportswear brand Colmar Originals selected the latest sustainable Fulgar yarns for its new environmentally friendly Fall Winter 2021 collection.

Confirming its on-going commitment to creating innovative fabrics, materials and processes that enhance performance and reduce environmental impact, Colmar, which was founded in 1923 by Mario Colombo, selected the Amni Soul Eco yarn, which is the product of research by the Solvay Group and is distributed in Italy by Fulgar.

According to Colmar, this new collection is another step forward for the brand in reducing its environmental footprint and raising consumer awareness of garment use, including more sports-oriented items. This has involved several key players throughout the textile supply chain in the development of functional, aesthetically-appealing clothing that also respects the environment throughout its lifetime.

The collaboration has led to a bio-degradable capsule collection using the ground-breaking 6.6 Amni Soul Eco polyamide yarn which respects the environment throughout its lifecycle. If correctly disposed of in special anaerobic facilities Amni Soul Eco biodegrades in around five years. In comparison, other materials take up to fifty years. This marks a great advance in reducing the impact of the entire clothing production cycle, the result of selecting a yarn that is already sustainable, as it is developed to be of the highest quality, long-lasting and perfectly suited for responsible disposal.  

“We’re delighted to work with an important brand like Colmar in developing increasingly sustainable, high-performance collections exploiting the potential of our green, highly functional yarns," said Alan Garosi, Fulgar’s Head of Marking. "It’s a significant acknowledgement of our long-standing commitment to research and development into eco-sustainable materials and methods with the aim of creating an ethically-sound and increasingly green supply chain in the lifestyle sector, too.”

The capsule collection comprises six totally bio-degradable padded garments, three for women and three for men with even the logo made of sustainable silicon while the zips are also biodegradable.

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