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Wakayama - Shima Seiki has released a new 'i-Plating' option on select models in its line of computerized flat knitting machines.

Unlike conventional plating techniques, i-Plating offers so-called inverse-plating capability in which alternate yarns are both shown on the fabric surface in any specific pattern or design, producing jacquard-like patterns in plain jersey stitch.

i-Plating goes a step further, overcoming current limitations in inverse-plating by offering this capability within the same course and for individual needles for greater efficiency and expanded patterning capability.

i-Plating is offered exclusively as a factory-installed option on SVR093SP and SVR123SP computerized flat knitting machines. Both machines feature special loop pressers for producing inlay patterns that yield novel knit-weave hybrid fabrics.

By combining i-Plating with inlay capability on SVR093SP and SVR123SP, Shima Seiki says that a whole new world of patterning becomes available for truly diverse knit design.

Elsewhere, Shima Seiki and its Vietnamese sales representative Phenitex Co. Ltd. will jointly hold a private exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam in September.

On display will be the SVR123SP featuring loop pressers for producing inlay patterns that yield novel knit-weave hybrid fabrics.

The machine features industry benchmark technology such as the digital stitch control system (DSCS) and spring-type moveable sinker system.

Demonstrations will also be performed on the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system that is at the core of the company’s “Total Knitting System” concept.

With comprehensive support of all stages throughout the knit supply chain,

APEX3 integrates knit production into one smooth and efficient workflow from yarn development, product planning and design to machine programming, production and even sales promotion. Especially effective is APEX3’s capability to improve on the planning process with Virtual Sampling. Photo-realistic simulation capability minimizes the need for sample-making, effectively reducing time, material and cost from the sampling process.


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