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Reutlingen - Stoll has added to its renowned range of ADF flat knitting machines with a new option for coarse gauge knitting.

The Reutlingen-based firm has launched the ADF 530-24 which joins the existing ADF 530-16 model for those knitting mills looking for coarse gauge options.

A key element of the ADF 530-24 is the use of 24 independent yarn carriers which, along with three systems in gauges E2,5.2, E5 and E7, enables the new model to knit sophisticated colour and pattern designs with more room for creativity.

According to Stoll, the ADF 530-24 will also give customers the ability to react quickly to changing trends with the machine able to achieve high levels of productivity. "In addition to new applications, Stoll promises significantly more productivity with the ADF 530-24," the company says. "The entire knitting process is optimized by shorter sequences and set-up times and by a direct yarn feed which makes knitting with low thread tensions possible."

By reducing the system distance to 5.2 inches, Stoll says it has also managed to reduce knitting times with the standard specification also including the easy-to-operate EKC operating system, which requires minimal training.

Stoll launched the the ADF technology in 2013 and since then, applications for the machine have been evolving, including application areas for fashion as well as technical textiles.

What makes the ADF so versatile is its advanced yarn carrier technology, which is based on the motorized yarn carriers. These carriers move independently from the carriage and can position themselves vertically or horizontally. Positioning is controlled by the pattern program with these configurations opening up almost unlimited possibilities for the user regarding patterns and colour combinations.

The new ADF 530-24 benefits from a high level of flexibility with two yarn carriers each mounted on a total of 12 tracks (giving 24 in total). They are also easily programmable and can be quickly populated with yarn, the company says, adding that this latest model is able to offer an even wider range of colours and than the ADF 530-16.

Each ADF model has been designed to bring together all the different knitting techniques from previous Stoll machine types including multi-gauges, flexible gauges, intarsia, and Stoll Devore along with new knitting techniques.


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