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Reutlingen - Stoll has unveiled two knit and wear machines which, equipped with the company's latest technological innovations and developments, offer new gauge options and intarsia capability.

The CMS 830 ki knit and wear is described as a high-performance machine with an excellent price-performance ratio. In addition to the enhancement of the intarsia capability, the CMS 830 ki knit and wear now offers gauge E9.2 and is said to be an economical entry-level machine for flexible use, both for conventional production and knit and wear operations.

The ADF 830-24 ki W knit and wear, meanwhile, offers even greater flexibility in colouring and patterning, providing greater productivity and covering the entire spectrum of technology and functionality within the knit and wear range.

Among the many aspects of this machine, key features include reverse plating, Ikat Plating, selective plating, and intarsia plating. In addition to weft knitting, which gives the textiles a loom-like appearance, the ADF 830-24 ki W knit and wear also offers the intarsia technique within the knit and wear range – a completely new feature for a knit and wear machine.

"With this new technology, users of this machine do not have to choose between only Fully Fashion patterns or knit and wear," says Stoll. "This machine offers an immensely vast array of functions for both knitting processes.


Demonstrating the possibilities of these new machines, Stoll has presented impressive knit and wear concepts within its latest Trend Collection, Materialization.

"This exemplifies how knit and wear machines produce sophisticated patterns using the latest knit and wear technology," the company said.

Within the new Trend Collection, Stoll mastered various applications in the development process. During three development phases, it created a knit and wear pullover - knitted on an ADF 830-24 ki W knit and wear machine, the aim of which was to develop a knit and wear sweater with a tubular waistband, while providing a wide fit and utilizing Stoll weaving and plating technology.

The weaving and plating technique was used as the basis of a basic cut. "The question was: 'How and where can the topic be included?'," says Stoll. "The result: a weaving technique was incorporated from the shoulder over the sleeve. This is critical as the technique is only possible with knit and wear, and this effect can only be achieved with the W-technique (STOLL-weave-in)."

Stoll also notes that one of many advantages the ADF machines offer are that the yarn carriers move independently from the carriage – both horizontally and vertically while the large working width, means it is also also possible to knit garments in one piece.

"The new ADF 830-24 ki W knit and wear combines the entire ADF technology into one machine, “says Stoll. "The design options are limitless."


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