Almere - The Netherlands-based Knitwear Lab has launched its first collection of knitwear products which has been designed, developed and produced in-house on the latest Stoll ADF flat knitting machines.

Knitwear Lab – Products, created by the company's own programmers and design assistants, showcases a taster of what the design lab can do. The cutting-edge knitwear techniques used are combined with regenerated and cruelty-free materials, which results in a collection of functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing accessories and lifestyle products.

The first launch of Knitwear Lab – Products will consist of scarves, socks and bucket hats which are available directly from the company's own online shop.

The Knitwear Lab is described as the leading knowledge centre for industrial knitwear in the Netherlands, running extensive research projects on the most innovative technical applications for knitwear for both the fashion and textile industry.

The Lab is located in Almere, 30 minutes from Amsterdam where it houses some of the latest Stoll flatbed knitting machines, among which is the latest Stoll-Multi Gauge 7.2 ADF BW16.

Earlier this year, Knitwear Lab announced the opening of a new branch office in Turkey, a region that is regarded as the heart of Europe's knitting sector.

At its new location in Istanbul, which is also equipped with the latest Stoll ADF machines, the Lab is producing and developing high quality knitwear in smaller quantities for European designer brands, technological textiles for medical projects, automotive developments as well as projects exploring 3D knitting.


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