Almere - A collaboration between The Netherlands-based Knitwear Lab and apparel brand UNBORN has resulted in a new collection of 3D knitted headwear. With a joint aim of remedying many of the design issues associated with the clothing industry, the joint development collection has resulted in a beanie and balaclava that combine leading-edge knitwear techniques with natural Cradle to Cradle certified materials.

"There is so much detail to The ‘Clava that it has been named The Fabergé Egg of the balaclavas," Knitwear Lab said. "A complex combination of stitches and knitting techniques has been used to create a shape that follows the contours of the head, face and neck exactly, ensuring a comfortable fit. The balaclava is knitted entirely out of one piece, without creating material waste. Only one linked side seam is needed to turn the balaclava into a three-dimensional design. And the best part: this has all been achieved without the use of synthetics like elastic or 'dirty tricks'."

The chunky beanie was knitted on Stoll-knit and wear technology: the beanie is ready to wear the moment it leaves the knitting machine. The textured half cardigan stitch is densely knitted creating an insulating rib that can stretch into the perfect fit.

For both the beanie and the balaclava, Knitwear Lab used a one-of-a-kind Cradle-to-Cradle certified, superfine, long staple Merino Arkaba yarn. "That is to say: it is as soft as it is durable! The Cradle-to-Cradle certifications ensure a chain from sheep to product free from harmful chemicals and animal cruelty," the Lab said.

The Knitwear Lab is described as the leading knowledge centre for industrial knitwear in the Netherlands, running extensive research projects on the most innovative technical applications for knitwear for both the fashion and textile industry.

The Lab is located in Almere, 30 minutes from Amsterdam where it houses some of the latest Stoll flatbed knitting machines, among which is the latest Stoll-Multi Gauge 7.2 ADF BW16.

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