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Brescia - Italian hosiery knitting machine manufacturer Busi Giovanni has secured a key deal to exclusively supply a leading Bangladeshi garment manufacturer with more than 100 of its latest machines.

Bangladesh-based Standard Group, a renowned producer of outerwear and activewear, has decided to diversify into the high quality hosiery sector and, after researching the sector's major suppliers, opted for Brescia-based Busi to supply its new hosiery division.

Standard, which already supplies some of the world's leading brands and retailers such as Gap, Zara, Kohl's, American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch, has established a new subsidiary, Amotex, which will produce high quality socks for the international market. "(Amotex) will be in position to offer international buyers socks whose quality level will simply be incomparable with that of any other producers located in Bangladesh and nearby areas," explained Michele Castagna, Export and Marketing Manager at Busi Giovanni. "Busi is very proud of this important new business relationship and will provide Amotex with any necessary technical assistance, locally and remotely, aimed at creating the best possible industrial results for its esteemed Bangladeshi partner, based on a typical win-win logic."

The vertically integrated Standard Group offers a wide range of knitted and woven garments, including outerwear, sweaters - in gauges ranging from 3-10G, and accessories, to the export market with customers across North America, Europe and Asia. It also runs testing, dyeing and finishing facilities as well as embroidery and printing services.

With its manufacturing process and supply chain already well established, the new hosiery division is expected to make a significant impact in the market. "Our technological setup for garment production and support services is one of the most advanced in the Bangladesh," the company said. "Machines have been imported from the US and Europe in all areas of our production. Each machine is handpicked by our finest industrial engineers who ensure quality and productivity. We strive to deliver our products not only in a timely manner but also with the highest quality possible. Our consistent upgrades and improvements with the changing times ensure that our products exceed customer expectations every time."

From its headquarters in Brescia, family-run Busi Giovanni offers a wide range of high quality, 'Made in Italy' hosiery knitting machines ranging from the Busi Light MP, a high production single cylinder machine for the production of simple socks for men, women and children to the unique Busi Doppio, the single cylinder machine which, with latch needles in the dial, has the ability to knit socks with broad rib and terry, and the Busi Idea, the single cylinder machine, also with latch needles in the dial, to enable it to produce true rib socks for men and children.

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