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London - The Lycra Company has launched its global trends forecast for Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 for the legwear segment.

Each year through an alliance with the trend forecasting experts from Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, Lycra offers its forward-thinking prediction of the cutting-edge trends through a capsule collection that showcases the latest legwear innovations.

“For over 20 years we have been inspiring our customers with our legwear trends forecast; it’s a value-added benefit of working with The Lycra Company that our customers appreciate,” said Jane Gwyther, senior strategic account manager – legwear, The Lycra Company. “This year’s trends forecast tells a story of creativity, inclusion and possibility. It embraces size diversity and addresses the new generation of shopper’s sense of urgency to bring about change in their world. Each look features technologies we have developed to satisfy unmet consumer needs in legwear comfort and performance. Innovative trends are now accelerating, convincing us to focus on fibre and technology solutions that are embedded in progressive design. We have identified four key themes that address the hopes and dreams of the modern consumer:

Trend 1: Vanity

We can be anyone we want to be, its magic

Focusing on the young, digital natives who are humble, modest and self-effacing, this trend focuses on self-love, how women can be comfortable in their bodies and how legwear can facilitate new ways of self-expression.

A Little Bit of Shine - For the perfect balance between style and functionality, Lycra Fusion True To You technology offers ladder resistant hosiery and a super comfortable, three-dimensional fit that keeps its shape while enhancing the natural shine of the legs. For the do-all-be-all generation, new Lycra Dry Technology brings all-day comfort to even the most glamorous of legs. Lycra Dry Technology transports moisture away from the skin bringing quick-dry comfort and long-lasting fit so that the wearer can get on with their daily activities.

Diagonal Styling - Bold and eye-catching, diagonal lines create an optical illusion, enhancing our look in real life, just like the filters we use to project an optimised image to the world via digital tools. This look brings a touch of self-expression and fun to an otherwise formal attire. Offering sustainability credentials through the use of Lycra T400 EcoMade technology, and a highly comfortable cuff that stays up with less red marks or digging in, thanks to Lycra Soft Comfort technology.

Trend 2: Homework

Paring classics with retro contemporary style

A trend that aligns a trusted and comfortable classic with something that allows us to show off our style as we open our homes and lives to the world via video calls and the lines between home and work life blur.

Creative Entrepreneur - The creative entrepreneur pushes the boundaries and blends exciting innovations with traditional and classic styles. The WFH generation expects it all. Comfort, functionality, style and responsibility. Coolmax EcoMade fibre, made from 100% recycled resources combined with Lycra T400 EcoMade fibre, helps people move and perform at their best while feeling reassured that their apparel is not causing harm to the environment. Equally, Thermolite EcoMade technology delivers warmth while being lightweight and kind to the world. Lycra Soft Comfort technology delivers comfortable sock tops - easy to put on but stays in place.

College Influence - The boundaries between work and leisure are blurring as we juggle a range of activities throughout the day. Fashion merges comfort and respected traditional style as we find solace in classic college and club style dressing. Lycra Shaping technology with Lycra fibre type 962L allows for more flexible sizing and easier donning. It refines the silhouette and sculpts simultaneously, combining shaping performance with exquisite comfort. Perfect for a smart, yet comfortable look.

Trend 3: Softspot

Slow down and return to more holistic forms of well-being

Wellness is the focus where we are encouraged to slow down and return to holistic well-being. Natural tones worn and paired down.

Inside Outside - Multi-taskers need clothing that will adapt to the multitude of activities that they take on each day, whilst being durable, looking good and feeling comfortable. Thermolite FIR technology with spun-in minerals to reflect the body temperature/heat back to the skin helps to keep your legs warmer for longer. Lycra 16AL fibre, helps to achieve deeper saturated colours for an always new look.

Minimal Design - Less is more in design and in nature. Neutral colours and time-defying minimalist design offers flexibility and style durably. Made in part from recycled materials and part from renewable plant-based resources, Lycra T400 EcoMade technology gives new life to plastics once destined for landfills, whilst offering comfort stretch and excellent shape retention.

Trend 4: Footloose

Curating highly evocative and storytelling fashion

This trend looks to the future and how there is a global shift towards creative and storytelling fashion – a reaction to the challenging events of the past year.

Random - Confident, humorous or random patterning shows that we have cut our ties with traditional structures and expectations. We want to shape our own futures and are not afraid to show it. Made from 100% recycled resources such as plastic bottles Coolmax EcoMade All Season technology keeps the wearer within their comfort zone at different levels of activity as it transports moisture away from the body .

Logo & Slogan - A new generation of fashionista is expressing her views and alliances through her apparel as slogans and logos, make a big fashion comeback. Lycra Super Summer Sheer technology powered by Lycra Fusion technology offers this style a very transparent look, coupled with excellent durability and fit. The ultra-sheerness creates the illusion of logos and imagery being tattooed onto the skin


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