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Brescia - Italian hosiery machine supplier Sandonini, which specialises in the rebuilding and reconditioning market, is to exhibit at next month's FIMAST 2021 exhibition.

The company is renowned worldwide for its hosiery, socks, stocking, pantyhose and seamless machinery, finishing machinery and auxiliary equipment for the textile industry, as well a a wide range of spare parts.

At the exhibition, which takes place at the Brixia Forum in Brescia, Italy, Sandonini will focus on its latest machines for the production of seamless knitwear and customized machines for the production of ShoeSocks3D – seamless footwear uppers.

The new Performance No Limits version of ShoeSocks3D technology, for example, allows the reduction of the number of processes required for the production of footwear whilst also offering high performance with no wastage.

This latest version of ShoeSocks3D is a capable of producing a pair of uppers in just two minutes. Once knit in a single, three-dimensional piece, they are ready to fit on to the form for the finishing process and then ready to be attached to any type of sole.

Once an order is placed, Sandonini ensures that the machine is prepared and upgraded - including the software - according to the requisite size of diameter and number of needles. The company also works closely with the yarn suppliers to ensure the machine can handle the right dtex and filament.

Capable of using a wide variety of natural or synthetic yarns - polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, wool, cashmere, linen, viscose, kevlar, elastic, hot melts yarns - there are also a range of different fabric types on offer including jacquard, terry, mesh knit, rib and knit links jacquard as well as intarsias, single rib welt and double rib welt.

The latest machines on offer include retrofitted hosiery single cylinder machines in diameter 3.1/2, 3.3/4, and 4 with 84 to 156 needles; Dial & Cylinder Rib machines in diameter 3.1/2, 4, 4.1/2 with 84 to 156 needles; and Double Cylinder machines in diameters 3.1/2, 3 3/4, 4, 4.1/2 in 84 to 156 needles.

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