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Cilavegna - Narrow fabric manufacturer Comez has unveiled two new high-speed machines including a circular knitting machine for chainette cords and a double needle bed warp knitting machine.

The 1700/20 circular machine has been designed for the production of any kind of tripolino, whether for passementerie, knitwear production, accessories and in many other sectors including the medical field.

This machine is geared towards the production of elastic, resistant and soft to the touch chainette cords. The specifications of these elastic cords enable easy connection to the fabric and make them ideal as ear loops for both disposable and reusable protective facemasks.

The machine has a wide number of applications with the hole diameter and quantity of needles able to be defined according to each sample.

It also has easily interchangeable knitting heads with needle cylinders available with 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 needles each, with unloading holes of various diameters.

The 1700/20 is equipped with latch needles which ensure a range of natural, man-made and synthetic yarns to be used while the electronic stop motion system means the machine stops automatically, with a red warning lamp signaling empty bobbins or thread breaks.

Further features include 20 operating heads, single take-down, 20 cylinders with 12 needles - diameter 6 mm each (interchangeable according to each sample) and am electronic speed variator. A further option is that the 1700/20 can be equipped with a bobbin creel with 40 positions and a finished product collector with 2 rollers for high boxes.


As well as the innovations on its electronic knitting machines, Comez says it is also continuing with the research and development of machines with mechanical control to improve their efficiency, productivity and easy of operation.

The result of this ongoing research is the new DNB/600-2B, a high-speed mechanical warp-knitting machine with double needle bed, suitable for the mass production of simple articles, such as bands for sportswear and other technical articles.

The machine is equipped with 2 mechanically controlled guide bars and can process any type of yarn, both synthetic and natural, according to the machine gauge. In addition, the two needle beds and guide bars allow the production of double face fabric structures.

According to Comez, the DNB/600-2B machine enables very high productivity, thanks to its operating speed and the low stitch density value required by fabrics produced. Its compact design and reduced working width allow fast article change overs, in both small and long production runs.

"Users of Comez machines are in a position to obtain high quality products in large quantities," the company said. "They can therefore count on continuous production (overcoming changes in fashion tastes and market trends), enabling them to also be competitive in new market segments.



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