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Obertshausen - Karl Mayer has widened access to its warp knitting training courses with the launch of a digital learning portal at one of its renowned academies.

With three academies in Germany, China and India, the Karl Mayer Group offers warp knitting training courses for its customers worldwide. The qualification of specialists has a long history with this global player. As early as the early sixties, the first textile technicians were taught knitting know-how at the headquarters in Obertshausen.

Today, a wide range of courses is available to customers from all over the world. The traditional location in Hesse is now the first academy to take the next step and to offer an online portal for learning.

The so-called Learning Management System (LMS) can be used with immediate effect. After registering, it is possible to book a place here for training in the Academy or a webinar on various topics. There is also another new feature: the first in-house e-learning that can be started directly from the portal; the e-learning entitled “Introduction to Warp Knitting” provides a theoretical introduction to warp knitting. Comprehensive knowledge is imparted on machines, lappings and production calculations.

Sophia Krinner, Product Owner Academy at Karl Mayer notes that the use of different media makes the training varied and helps different types of learners to acquire knowledge. “The program was developed by an international team of learning and warp knitting specialists. It gives learners the opportunity to absorb knowledge at their own pace, when and where they want,” she says.

If desired, a purely practical training course can be booked afterwards to deepen and expand the basic knowledge. "Never before has the transfer of knowledge been more efficient for the customer," adds Krinner. "We know that our customers can’t afford to keep their employees out of the company for long periods of time, jeopardizing production processes. Our e-learning means that good skilled workers are less likely to be absent from day-to-day operations. They can also learn the practice in a shorter visit than in our previous course models."

The new e-learning will initially be available in English although this will be expanded to include other languages in the coming months. In addition to digital and analog basic courses, the Academy in Obertshausen also offers advanced courses on various topics. Here, tricot, raschel and double raschel machines as well as textile analysis courses are standard.

Access to the LMS and registration for a course is under academy.karlmayer.com/login possible.

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