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London - UK-based reusable period wear brand, WUKA has launched a 'world-first' stretch product which is designed to maximum coverage, mould comfortably to individual body contours and stretch to adapt to all body shapes and sizes.

Made from super soft microfibre material, WUKA Stretch are described as lightweight yet absorbent full-brief period pants that stretch up to four sizes to provide maximum comfort and security. The pants' absorbent inner gusset is part suspended, part attached, which enables the gusset to stretch to fit four size ranges whilst also ensuring it doesn’t move out of place. It is also odour-proof and absorbs up to four tampons-worth of menstrual fluid, the company says.

The inner and outer fabric and gusset provide at least 8cm of stretch across areas where users seek the most comfort from pants - across the hips and waist.

Following the award-winning WUKA Flex collection launch earlier this year, the new WUKA Stretch is available in two styles and colours - each with two multisize options. One pair of pants expands to up to four sizes - from XS to L and XL to 4XL. That’s eight sizes in just two products, catering to the majority of the British menstruating population, the company says.

According to WUKA, despite the huge growth of the online fashion sector in recent years, 27% of consumers still avoid buying clothes online for sizing reasons. "9/10 people I speak to either aren’t sure of their measurements or choose the wrong size when left to self-select," said Ruby Raut, founder of WUKA. "We see this behaviour reflected in our online business with “wrong size” or “didn’t fit” often cited as the main reason for returns. We made it our mission with WUKA Stretch to provide a less frustrating experience and remove more barriers to help people make more eco choices in their lives.

"As a multisize product, Stretch eliminates both the cost and hassle for shoppers by guaranteeing a perfect fit first time, whilst also alleviating the disappointment and emotional toll often experienced when ordering ill-fitting garments."

It is also hoped that the new range will help address the worrying rise of ‘bracketing’ which sees customers purchase multiple sizes to try at home with the intention of returning items that don’t fit. The UK is thought to be one of the worst offenders when it comes to wasteful buying practices. Online returns cost UK retailers around £20 billion annually and it's often cheaper for retailers to send returned items to landfill instead of reselling them. This contributes to the 2.25 million tonnes of waste that is generated globally through returns every year.

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