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Varese - Italian warp knitter Eurojersey has unveiled a new collection of fabrics for the activewear sector.

Called the Recreation Activewear AW24 collection, the fabrics produced under the company's Sensitive Fabrics range are said to be the centerpiece for muscle toning, combining unparalleled performance with flexibility and protection. "Equipped with three-dimensional elasticity, they sculpt the silhouette by supporting the muscles in the most appropriate way, offering lightness and calibrated compression," says Eurojersey. "For the AW 2024 collection we offer reinterpreted sports fashion designs for different sporting disciplines."

Nature leisure - Natural tones are central to this theme, not attention-seeking, because of their “quiet presence”, as if to convey the serenity needed to counterbalance a modern and very hectic lifestyle. Neutral colours emerge from shades of greys and decline into the more arboreal nuances with watercolour variations down to greens barely “soiled” by yellowish brush strokes.

Power yogi - a fabric series dedicated to the power of yoga, a vacation for the mind, adding joy and fluidity to the body, in balance with spiritual colours and their vibrations. Enveloping, nuanced hues rely on a colour therapy of orange and solar tones in a whirlwind of ardour, emotion, and creativity that invigorate and offer reflection to elevate the spirit.

Urban engineering - it is the most masculine trend, dedicated to a fitness that transforms and evolves in relation to the cultural climate and events of the moment. Quality and innovation become perfection for minimalist style looks, taking advantage of almost monochromatic hues in the various shades of metropolitan greys.

Magni science - as in an optical prism that captures illusions to return magic in a multifaceted interplay bordering on the futuristic. A glam aesthetic that steals that enriched and contaminated punk touch from the past to bring out a new identity. A provocative and deliberately excessive fashionista style with a desire to experiment, mix with daring total looks for the most extreme sports activities.

Pure origins - a return to basics gets a tech-primitive version where lines become essential. A white, classic timeless base becomes the canvas for dots in colourful hues, or for creative expressions of interweaving communicative realities resembling graffiti.

Daily_xplora - a trend entirely dedicated to the outdoors, with references to the Arctic universe, an avant-garde for aesthetics and authenticity brought about to impart that sense of exclusivity for revisiting artificial, almost iridescent, hues.

Eurojersey makes its warp knitted stretch nylon fabrics in its fully integrated facility in Varese, north of Milan. In 2019, it became the first textile company to declare its Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), having been awarded PEF 010/19 certification by Certiqualit.

The PEF method to evaluate the environmental footprint of its activity was done by measuring 16 indicators involved in the analysis, including: the energy footprint, the carbon footprint, the water footprint, eco-toxicity, the eutrophication of freshwater and seawater, the deterioration of lakes and forests caused by acidic emissions.

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